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Flexible Life Interest Trust Bayswater

Flexible Life Interest Trust If you are considering writing a will, but don’t know what type of will is best suited to your personal circumstances, then we can help.

Our professional and friendly team of will writers will work together with you in the comfort of your own home to create the will that reflects your personal wishes once you die.

Below we explain what it is and why you may decide to incorporate one into your will.

Basically, a Flexible Life Interest Trust or (FLIT) is incorporated into your Will to offer you peace of mind, especially if you have large investments or assets, that also includes property.

What the FLTI does is protect the value of these assets for those that you wish to benefit from them once you die. Most often this will be the remaining spouse/partner or children.

Why is it flexible?

How the Flexible Life Interest Trust works?

So what are main benefits of the trust?

It is often the last thing we decide to do – but writing a will will protect your families future. Trusted Will Writing Bayswater are ready to advise you today!

You are able to decide where your assets go and who will have them.

Here are some commonly asked questions answered: 

The major benefit is that you have control and final say in who gets what financially after you die. This can be in the form of money or property. You can also nominate a person in your will who can benefit from any investments that occur once you die.

By having a will, you are ultimately protecting your assets and assuring that your loved ones are well looked after financially once you die. Without a will, it is the government who will decide what happens to any assets that you have.

To learn more about our range of will writing services and in particular about how you can write your own Flexible Life Interest Trust, please do give us a call today. We are to help out all our clients with our flexible life interest trusts, all you have to do is sign our form to be in touch with us today.

To point out your executors you need to identify a trusted and responsible friend to execute the whole financial process after you die.

To allocate your estate You have to define how your estate will be shared amongst those you leave behind.

To mitigate inheritance tax In case you pass away without a will, there are stringent laws regarding whom and how your estate is shared.

The money may not be directed to where you want

The money is likely to be inadequate for inheritance tax purposes.

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